Do You take insurance?

I am contracted with several but not all insurance companies.  It is important that you verify your behavioral health benefits, including the services covered, and confirm that I am a provider for your particular plan.


Does insurance cover all of your services?

Most plans cover a 50-min individual or couples session.  Longer, 75-min sessions though, are typically not covered by insurance.  


What should we expect when we come in the first time for couples treatment?

Ideally during the first session, I will meet with both members of the couple.  I will be interested in hearing about the concerns that brought you into therapy and your goals for our treatment.  Both partners will have a chance to speak about the history of the current difficulties as well as their hopes for the future.  This meeting will also be an opportunity for us to get to know each other a bit and assess whether or not we are a "good fit".

Do you see gay and lesbian couples?

Yes. EFT has been proven effective with couples regardless of their sexual orientation.


Do you ever meet with partners individually?

After our initial meeting, I schedule one individual session with each member of the couple.  This gives me an opportunity to take a careful history and get some information about your relationships with important attachment figures, including your family of origin.  After that, all of our meetings will be together. 

can you help us have an amicable separation/divorce?

My goal is to work actively on behalf of your relationship.  Although our work together will help any couple communicate and interact more effectively, helping couples separate or divorce amicably is not my area of expertise.


Does EFT work for all couples?

EFT is not recommended for couples if there is an active untreated addiction or if there is active ongoing violence in the home.

Please contact me with any additional questions.